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      Featured programs

      40,641  Mozilla  10,614,378  Open source
      Surf the Internet while staying protected against data-collecting trackers.
      14,736  Microsoft  7,012,150  Freeware
      Chat and make audio/video calls with your friends.
      Free Download Manager
      24,718  FreeDownloadManager.ORG  972,180  Freeware
      Simple and highly efficient tool to manage and schedule all your downloads.
      Avira Free Antivirus
      5,447  Avira GmbH  614,026  Freeware
      A free antivirus protecting your computer against all kinds of malware.
      μTorrent (uTorrent)
      8,396  BitTorrent Inc  4,050,799  Shareware
      Easy-to-use BitTorrent download client for Windows OS.

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